No.19 Night pants

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Belgian linen night pants.

Not only does it have a cool feel that only linen can provide, but the more you wear it, the more it feels like gauze to your skin.

Linen pajamas comfortably regulate the humidity inside the futon.
It's also quick-drying, so since you'll be wearing your pajamas every night, you'll be happy to know that it dries quickly after washing.
Moderately thick linen can be worn regardless of the season.

It has a deep rise, a large gusset, and is loose around the hips. Does not interfere with body movements during sleep. The elastic waistband is also soft and does not tighten.

As a relaxing wear at home, we recommend wearing it under a dress instead of leggings in the summer.

Pair it with the No. 20 night long shirt as a set of pajamas.

Made in Japan

100% linen

Waist: 65-131cm / Hips: 137cm / Waist width: 34cm / Rise: 35cm / Inseam: 59cm / Side length: 97cm / Hem circumference: 14cm

Machine washable in a laundry bag

- Thin and delicate linen fabric. The seams may open if excessive force is applied. Please handle with care.
- Please note that dark colored items may stain due to moisture or friction due to sweat or rain.
- When washing, lye, which is unique to linen, comes out. We recommend that you wash it separately for the first few times you purchase it.
- Please use neutral detergent for washing.
- When using a washing machine, please use a laundry net.
- Dark colors may fade slightly after washing. Please wash separately from other items.
- Do not put it in the dryer.
- The dough will be hard immediately after drying. Ironing or wearing will return it to its original softness.