No.11 Underpants

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Washable silk underpants.

The moment you put them on, you will be enchanted by the soft and smooth texture.
Silk also has excellent functions such as heat retention, moisture retention, antibacterial, deodorization, and UV protection.
Great for all seasons, keeping you warm in the winter and keeping you warm in the summer.

Underpants are special, but you'll want to wear them on a daily basis.
That's why it's essential that it's washable.
Even if you wash it in the washing machine, the quality of silk will not be lost.

The fabric is elegantly ribbed.
Everything from spinning to knitting and sewing is done in Japan.

Feminine wide open neckline and 10/4 length sleeves. It has a long length that covers your stomach area.

*Since this product is underwear, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.

Made in Japan

100% silk

Side length: 63cm / Waist: 64cm / Rise: 24cm / Inseam: 39cm / Waist: 32cm / Hem width: 38cm

Machine washable in a laundry bag

- Jersey material knitted with delicate threads. Please be careful not to get caught.
- When washing, use a neutral detergent and use a net when using a washing machine.
- Dark colors may fade slightly after washing. Please wash separately from other items.
- To prevent it from losing its shape or stretching, please dry it flat in the shade.
- Do not put it in the dryer.
- Due to the nature of the material, there may be some shrinkage.
- Please note that silk is sensitive to light and fades easily.
- There is some fuzzing due to friction from wearing and washing.