No.4 Camisole / Cotton Cashmere

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Cotton cashmere jersey knitted with delicate threads.

The fabric is made using a knitting machine for underwear that knits slowly while incorporating air, giving it a thin yet fluffy finish.

I love 100% cashmere, but it feels too rich and comfortable for underwear. That's why we kept the cashmere blend to 20% and aimed for a slightly warm feel. Also, by making it cotton cashmere, you can wash it at home.

It is knitted into a tube shape, and there are no seams on the sides or hem.

The bust part is stockinette knit, and the rib knit from the bottom of the chest to the hem provides a comfortable fit to the body.

The length is long enough so it won't bulge out from the waist or show your back when you squat down.

The shoulder straps are finished with soft stretch satin tape with a gentle shine.

The chest and back openings are deep, so it won't show up with tops worn over it.

*Since this product is underwear, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.

Made in Japan

80% cotton 20% cashmere

Length (CF): 53cm / Length (CB): 54.5cm / Underarm length: 47cm / Width: 36cm / Waist rib length: 32cm / Waist rib width: 29cm

hand washing

- This is a jersey material knitted with delicate threads, so please be careful not to get it caught.
- We recommend washing by hand using a neutral detergent.
- For dark colors, avoid washing with light colors and wash separately from other items.
- To prevent it from losing its shape or stretching, please adjust its shape and dry it flat when drying.
- Do not put it in the dryer. It may shrink significantly.