No.13 Underpants

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Cotton cashmere jersey knitted with delicate threads.

The fabric is made using a knitting machine for underwear that knits slowly while incorporating air, giving it a thin yet fluffy finish.

I love 100% cashmere, but it feels too rich and comfortable for underwear. That's why we kept the cashmere blend to 20%, aiming for a slightly warm feel. Also, by making it cotton cashmere, you can wash it at home.

It is knitted in a tubular shape, and there are no seams at the sides or at the ribs.

The ribbed waistband provides a comfortable fit without constricting. The length covers a wide area from below the bust, so it can also be used as a belly band.

The small ribbon attached to the front is an endearing feature.

Wear it under bottoms to prevent it from being see-through. Wear it over panties or tights to prevent coldness around your butt.

*Since this product is underwear, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.

Made in Japan

80% cotton 20% cashmere

Total length (armpit): 57.5cm / Waist elastic rise (around): 53cm / Hips: 37cm / Waist rib length: 20cm / Hem opening: 35cm

hand washing

- This is a jersey material knitted with delicate threads, so please be careful not to get it caught.
- We recommend washing by hand using a neutral detergent.
- For dark colors, avoid washing with light colors and wash separately from other items.
- To prevent it from losing its shape or stretching, please adjust its shape and dry it flat when drying.
- Do not put it in the dryer. It may shrink significantly.