No.17 Cachecoeur

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Belgian linen cachecoeur.

Linen has a refreshing feel and quick-drying properties, so it's comfortable to wear as loungewear in the summer or as a robe after taking a bath.

It can also be worn as a coat or dress.

Enjoy a high-quality room style with HÉRNI innerwear. Linen stays dry even when layered, so it is recommended as a sunshade in summer.

We recommend wearing No. 14 with peti pants showing from the hem.

HÉRNI staff wear this as a shop uniform.

Made in Japan

100% linen

[36 sizes]
Length: 114cm / Shoulder width: 38cm / Bust: 102cm / Sleeve length: 58cm / Sleeve circumference: 35.5cm / Hem circumference: 132cm
[38 sizes]
Length: 117cm / Shoulder width: 38cm / Bust: 102cm / Sleeve length: 59.5cm / Cuff circumference: 36cm / Hem circumference: 132cm

hand washing

- Thin and delicate linen fabric. The seams may open if excessive force is applied. Please handle with care.
- Please note that dark colored items may stain due to moisture or friction due to sweat or rain.
- When washing, lye, which is unique to linen, comes out. We recommend that you wash it separately for the first few times you purchase it.
- Please use neutral detergent for washing.
- Please wash by hand.
- Dark colors may fade slightly after washing. Please wash separately from other items.
- Do not put it in the dryer.
- The dough will be hard immediately after drying. Ironing or wearing will return it to its original softness.