No.20 Night long shirt

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french gray
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Belgian linen night long shirt.

Not only does it have a cool feel that only linen can provide, but the more you wear it, the more it feels like gauze to your skin.

Linen pajamas comfortably regulate the humidity inside the futon.
It's also quick-drying, so since you'll be wearing your pajamas every night, you'll be happy to know that it dries quickly after washing.
Moderately thick linen can be worn regardless of the season.

The width is wide, the shoulders are dropped, and the fit is loose and comfortable.
There are slits on the hem on both sides.

The length is long enough that you can wear it alone while sleeping.
When the weather gets cooler, pair it with No. 19 night pants .

Large pockets on both sides and cuffs on the sleeves.
The detailed design makes it perfect as a shirt dress to wear outside.

made in Japan

100% linen

Length: 117cm / Shoulder width: 64cm / Bust: 148cm / Sleeve length: 44cm / Cuff circumference: 28cm / Hem circumference: 168cm

Machine washable in a laundry bag

- Thin and delicate linen fabric. The seams may open if excessive force is applied. Please handle with care. .
- When washing, lye, which is unique to linen, comes out. We recommend that you wash it separately for the first few times you purchase it.
- Please use neutral detergent for washing.
- Please wash by hand.
- Do not put it in the dryer.
- The dough will be hard immediately after drying. Ironing or wearing will return it to its original softness.
- Uses natural shell buttons. Please handle with care as it is easy to hang.